How to choose your hiking shoes?


Good hiking shoes guaranteed security and comfort.

Choose them according to your morphology (size, width of the foot en tha ankel…) and make sure that they are adapted to the use you intended to make of it. Technically, learn about the specific aspects of the shoes : type of outsole (adhesion), waterproof en breathing, weight, stiffness/flexibility, materials.

To see more clearly, Berghen proposes categories of hiking shoes (based on European standards) :




Niveau A


Lightweight and smooth hiking shoes. Suitable for flat areas.
Niveau A-B


Hiking shoes with medium or high shank, suitable for flat or hilly terrain.
Niveau B


Hiking shoes with medium or high shank, suitable for multiple days hiking on difficult terrain or in the mountains, with or without backpack.
Niveau C


Hiking shoes with high shank, suitable for long trekking, in all circumstances, on risky and stony roads. Sturdy outsole. Ideal with a heavy backpack.



Breah in period
THE IMPORTANCE OF BREAK-IN PERIOD When you buy a new pair of hiking shoes, it i imperative that you make a break-in period to soften the shoes en make sure they adapt to your feet.
If you have a new pair of shoes, you should first take a few short trips before embarking on a big hike or trek.


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