Sponsor a friend and you’ll each get €10 off your next purchase.

Because walking is a good sport to share, Berghen is giving you the chance to sponsor your walking companions. If you like our MADE in EUROPE brand, get your friends to place an order on our site and you’ll both be winners. On their first purchase, we’ll give each sponsored walking companion an introductory rebate of €10. And you’ll get a discount too – a €10 reduction token for your next purchase.



  • Why sponsor one or more friends?

After or during a first purchase on our site, insert the e-mail address of one or more friends in the “sponsorship” (“parrainage”) box of your account.

For each first purchase by one of your sponsored friends, you’ll receive a €10 discount on your next purchase. And your friend will get an introductory rebate of €10 on their first purchase. So you’ll both be rewarded for choosing our brand!

  • How do I use my €10 discount?

For each first purchase by one of your friends on our site, you’ll be e-mailed a discount code for your next purchase. Simply copy and paste this number into the appropriate space before confirming your order. The purchase price will be automatically reduced by €10.

It’s easy, fast and fun!


Being sponsored

  • What do I gain from being sponsored?

As a way of welcoming you, we grant you a €10 rebate on the first purchase you make on our site. That first purchase also entitles you, in turn, to sponsor other friends and relatives, so gaining a €10 reduction on each first purchase they make. Why miss out?

  • How do I get my introductory €10 off?

When you make your first purchase on our site, fill in your sponsor’s given name and surname in the space provided. Your introductory rebate will then be automatically deducted from the price of your first purchase. It’s easy, fast and fun!


Sponsorship conditions:

  • You must be online and you must be making or have made a first purchase.

  • Only the valid e-mail addresses of people who have not yet made a purchase on our site will be taken into account.

  • Sponsored persons must not be domiciled at the same address as you and must not yet have placed an order on our site.

  • The €10 reduction is granted once payment has been received for the first order from the person you are sponsoring.

  • The discount and the introductory rebate of €10 are personal and are in no way transferable to third parties.

  • The discount and the introductory rebate of €10 cannot be exchanged for cash.

  • You can accumulate multiple €10 discounts.

  • If you are a sponsored new customer, the introductory rebate is applied once payment for your first order has been confirmed. 

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